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Chicopee Chargers Youth Sports

Parent Organization

IAW the SAFL By-Laws 7th and 8th graders compete in the Senior Division. Players cannot turn 15 years of age on or before November 15th of the current football season. The weight limit for Seniors is 135 pounds, meaning any Seniors 136 pounds or over will have to play on the line of scrimmage (i.e. offensive/defensive lineman). All players under the weight are allowed to play any skilled position.

2017 Season Record
















2107 Senior Coaches

Coach Robinson

Head Coach

Zaki-Jabbar Robinson has been coaching with the Chicopee Charger since 2005. He started out as an assistant coach for 3 years, before taking over as the Head Coach in the middle of the 2007 season. Since 2011 when the SAFL adopted the playoff format, he has led the Charger's Senior team to 4 playoff appearance, 4 division titles, 2 Super Bowl appearance, winning 1 Super Bowl. Coach Robinson uses what he has learned in the military over his 18 years of service as a backbone for his program.

Cell - (413) 250-7234

Email - [email protected]

Coach Gagne

Assistant Coach

Nicholas Gagne has been a coach with the Chicopee Chargers since 2014. He also doubles as the DJ for all of the Charger's home games. Coach Gagne specializes in Special Teams with a background as a kicker in High School. Since he has joined the Senior program, players have thrived helping the Charger's become one of the best Special Team units in the league.

Cell - (413) 244-5775

Email - [email protected]

Coach Torres

Assistant Coach

Joel Torres has been with the Chicopee Chargers since 2014. While he had limited football experience before joining as a coach, Coach Torres as been a dependable staple of the Senior team. His 22 years of military experience has helped prepare him to adapt to any given situation. His leadership had been a great example of the youth that has come into our program.

Cell - (413) 218-7945

Email - [email protected]

Coach Wilson

Assistant Head Coach

Demetrius Wilson has been with Chicopee Chargers since the 2010. His experience as a running back in High School has helped Coach Wilson thrive as the offensive coordinator for the Senior team. His military background helps provide children with structure, sportsmanship, and helps facilitate strong leaders. Coach Wilson has been around football for more than 20 years, playing at the youth, high school, and semi-pro level.

Cell - (623) 518-0952

Email - [email protected]

Coach Ponce

Assistant Coach

This is Michael Ponce first year as a football coach. His experience in football is from playing in High School as a safety. Coach Ponce is eager to help the youth gain knowledge of the game, while imparting the ideas he has learned from the military. He's currently serving in the United States Air Force.

Cell - (413) 310-5937

Email - [email protected]

2017 Senior Players